Roasting speciality coffee

Speciality Roasting


All of our coffee is roasted by our team in Buckingham who are passionate about every bean of coffee that leaves our premises. kenya aa coffee speciality coffee coffee bean

Types of Roast


Creating the perfect coffee is a complex process of selecting or blending high quality beans and then roasting to style. 

Italian Roasts


A dark (Italian) roast will provide the strong bitter coffee that cuts through the milk in the various Italian serving styles such as cappuccino, Latte...

Beautiful City Roasts


If you really care about your coffee, like a fine wine, drinking it without milk and sugar will allow you to taste the depth and variety of flavour in the best coffees.  A medium 'City' roast will bring out the best in the bean.  See our 'Platinum' range. speciality coffee kenya aa coffee

Roast to order


If you would like a bespoke coffee, we can blend and roast coffees to order.  Just contact us today for details.

Wholesale Roasting


If you want to make your coffee shop unique, why don't you let us create you a unique blend.