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Mwiboini Estate

 Mwiboini estate is located in Kirinyaga district Central Kenya near the  foothills of Mt Kenya. It has an altitude of 1760m.

About the Farmer

Mr Gichangi grew up on his father’s Coffee plantation. He is very passionate about coffee. After working in government for many years, he retired and took on farming full time. He has employed an estate manager and he exports his own coffee to countries such as Australia, China and other African countries.                               

Our decision to buy from Mwiboini Estate

Mr Gichangi is a farmer and a direct exporter and therefore sustains the livelihood of his local community. This farmer also encourages the Kenyan coffee drinker to enjoy their speciality coffee. He sells to the African market, advocating for Africans to retain some of the best coffees for their consumption. Mr Gichangi is a direct exporter of his coffee. 

Ethical and Sustainable relationship

We have an open relationship with Mr Gichangi and we know he understands the UK coffee market because he came to visit us in October to see our warehouse. We were confident that he is able to connect the coffee from farm to the UK market.

The future of Mwiboini Estate and education

 Mr Gichangi’s estate manager is working with agronomists to sustain the quality of the coffee. Mr Gichangi also discussed various courses taken in Kenya to qualify as a Q grader. I am in constant communication with his team who have 2 qualified Q Graders who are constantly evaluating their coffee to improve it. 

The Balance

We believe in having a balanced relationship. The farmer sets his own price and we are happy to pay it. The price we pay for this estate coffee far exceeds the Fair-trade price. We deal directly with the farmer from farm to export. The farmer is able to visit us here in the UK because he cares as much as we do about our relationship. The balance for us is to have a farmer who understands the process from farm to export and he can be able to trace his coffee throughout the coffee chain.