Speciality Coffee

Understanding Coffee

Either you've already embarked on your speciality coffee journey, in which case well done, you're in the perfect place, or you're wondering what it's all about.

When you ask many people about types of coffee they start to list things like Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso or Filter, Instant, Pods etc.     For this reason, people forget there can be a dramatic variation in the quality of the coffee itself.

High quality coffee should be able to be drunk with minimal or no additions (milk, sugar) otherwise you can't taste the huge range of flavours naturally contained within the coffee.

You've made one step into this world if you know there are  'Robusta' and 'Arabica' coffee plants and that typically 'Robusta' is used for the traditional basic coffees and 'Arabica' is used for high quality blends and single origin 'Speciality Coffee' at the top end.

The world of Speciality Coffee  that sits at the top of the  quality spectrum is like a fine wine.   The official association at the head of this market place is the Speciality Coffee Association, a worldwide organisation in place to provide grading consistency across the globe they can tell you so much more than we can.

However, what we can do is provide some of the best Kenyan Speciality Coffee directly from the named estate itself.   MWIBOINI ESTATE COFFEE 


How to serve our coffees

We want you to enjoy every last bean of the wonderful coffee we can provide to you.  For this reason, please take a few moments to understand how to get the best out of our coffee.

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Serving and looking after our fine coffee

Preferably Beans


We would always prefer you buy beans rather than ground coffee.  This is because ground coffee goes off within a few hours when exposed to air.

Resealable bags


For this reason, ground coffee must be kept in resealable bags or containers.  Beans or ground, we provide all our coffee in resealable bags which saves you losing that freshness.

Bean to Cup Machines


Of course, our coffee's are most suited to bean to cup machines.  You can buy a bag of our coffee and tip in the bean loader of your machine and off you go.

Grinding the beans


It's very important (if not critical) that you grind the beans for the right process.  For example grinding for a  Cafetiere, if you grind too fine it will pass through the plate and give you an earthy taste.

Selecting a Grinder


There are many grinders available on the market from £20 - £100.  They are all ok, but we would suggest a motorised machine with variable sizes of grind.  



A cafetiere or 'French Press' is one of the best ways to drink Speciality Coffee.  One heaped spoonful of coffee should be added per cup.  Add boiling water, stir, stand for 4 mins, press down plate and serve.